Looking at the world through an artistic lens, I’ve grown a love for art at a young age. I believe that my artistic abilities were given to make the world a more beautiful place. Born in Vietnam, and moved to the US at the age of 14, I had a wonderful chance to interact with many different cultures. Each culture has its unique aspects, providing me with insights into art and leading me to different approaches that have profoundly influenced my designs.
As a designer, I’ve learned to transform art into visual communication. My early journey in graphic design has been an eye-opening experience. It allows me to use art with a purpose, designing with an audience. With an innovative and value-based approach, my designs are solutions to businesses’ problems while communicating messages and values to life. As I use designs to communicate, professionalism, integrity, and kindness are aspects that drive my passion.
In December 2023, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and Advertising. I look forward to apply my knowledge of designs and reach a variety of audiences. I also love to travel and follow wherever the creative passion leads me. So that each time I design, I explore new ideas, new adventures that come with responsibilities, and adapt to different environments.
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